As Linda’s cousin, he’s probably not meant to be British, but

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wholesale replica designer handbags The Alcoholic: Ned. Ambiguously Gay: An argument could be made for Ned. He doesn’t have a lot of stereotypically gay characteristics, but a bunch of little things (his distance from his father, his closeness to his sister, his depression, his ironic wit, his lack of overt interest in the opposite sex) might suggest that he is. Bear in mind that the film was made in 1938, so even if the filmmakers wanted him to come off as gay, they’d have to be subtle about it. Anywhere but Their Lips: John kisses Linda on the cheek. Twice. Both times it looks like he wants to do something more, but Linda deflects him. Be Yourself: Linda tries to protect John from having his dreams squashed by her family. She also feels that her father’s meddling has prevented her and her brother Ned from pursuing their own dreams. Betty and Veronica: Julia and Linda portray two completely opposite character types. Big Sister Instinct: Linda is (overly?) protective of her younger siblings. It’s implied that she’s trying to fill the gap left by their mother. Big Fancy House: With an elevator! Black Sheep / White Sheep: Linda doesn’t even try to fit in with the rest of her family. Cleaning Up Romantic Loose Ends: At the end Julia proclaims that her love for Johnny has turned sour, which in turn frees Linda of any guilt to go after him herself. The Confidant: Ned serves this function for Linda. Dance of Romance: Linda and John share a dance on New Year’s Eve. Bad idea. Did I Mention It’s Christmas?: The film actually begins on Christmas Day, but it’s really not acknowledged save for a couple of carols sung during the church scene. Drowning My Sorrows: Linda considers doing this, and quizzes her brother at length about it. May also be the reason for Ned’s alcoholism. Dysfunctional Family: The Setons. Everyone Can See It: Well, everyone who loves Linda can see it, at least. Except John. Evil Brit: Seton Cram. As Linda’s cousin, he’s probably not meant to be British, but he has the accent for it. Fish out of Water: John and later the Potters in the Seton house. Fourth Date Marriage: John and Julia have only known each other for ten days when they announce their engagement! Gilligan Cut: After Mr. Seton gives his approval to Johnny and Julia’s marriage, Linda begins describing her plans for a party to announce the engagement: “Just a few people, just Johnny’s friends and Julia’s. And up in the old playroom. No formalities, no white ties, no engraved invitations.” Cut to a closeup of an engraved invitation. Gosh Darn It to Heck!: Johnny creatively exclaims “Judas!” the first time he enters the Seton mansion. Inconvenient Attraction: Linda for Johnny wholesale replica designer handbags.

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